The aim of the game

The aim in a poker tournament is to finish the game with all of your opponent’s chips.

How a tournament is played

Tournaments are played by a group of participants who have all paid a fixed buy-in, part pool and part fee. The pool is used to pay the winner and the fee goes to the house. For example, $5+$1 means that you buy-in for $6, $5 goes to the pool and $1 is the entry fee paid to the house. The tournament is finished when a player has won all the chips.

Limited risk

Unlike traditional ring games, the risk in tournament play is limited to the initial sign-up fee. With only a limited risk, tournament gaming makes an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to experience the potentially lucrative thrill of real money poker!

On the poker lobby

You can choose to play Sit and Go tournaments or Scheduled tournaments from our lobby. Simply select the tournament of your choice from the left hand side menu.

Double click on the tournament that you would like to play and pay the buy-in, in order to join the action.'