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    About Scheduled Tournaments


    You can find all available tournaments on the tab ‘Scheduled Tournaments’, on the left hand side menu in the poker lobby. To play you must register to the tournament of your choice in advance, apart from some of the tournaments that allow late registration. In this case, the late registration option will be visible on the tournament description.

    Buy in and fee

    To enter a tournament, the player must pay the buy-in (this amount goes into the prize pool) and a fee, to the house, for hosting the tournament. The buy-ins amount varies as well as the poker variant. The blinds normally start at 10/20 and are played for 10 hands at each level. However, sometimes other structures are used, such as turbo. Please check the details of your tournament by clicking on the tournament in the lobby.

    Hand By Hand

    Towards the end of a multi-table tournament, 'hand by hand' play is adopted. This means that a new hand will not be dealt until the current hand at all tables is finished - this ensures that all tables are played at the same pace and is important for fairness in the determination of placing and prize money. You will be prompted when "hand by hand" play is in action.

    Blind Increase

    To compensate for increasing chip stacks as players are eliminated, the blinds are continuously increased. This occurs after either a specified number of hands, or time intervals.


    In certain tournaments, players are allowed to boost the size of their stack by "re-buying" within a certain period. This option is called a "re-buy"; tournaments that allow re-buys are called "re-buy tournaments". When a player re-buys, he pays the buy-in again, and his stack size increases by the same amount of chips players would have received as their starting stack. Re-buys are available in the tournament-specific lobby, or in the dialogue box when the player runs out of chips.


    An add-on is an additional re-buy at the end of the re-buy period. At the end of the re-buy period, which is usually during the first hour break, all players will be given the opportunity to pay the buy-in again and boost their stack size. This option is available to all players who are still in the tournament, regardless of their stack size.

    Please note that there is no fee for add-ons or re-buys.

    End of tournament

    Tournaments are over when one player has won all the chips.

    Payout structure

    For multi-table tournaments, the payout structure varies. You can view this information from the tournament lobby in the poker client.

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